OXIS, for an healthy life!

It is natural if you are not aware of the fact that Ergothioneine cannot be made in human cells. It is present in some tissues at high levels as it is absorbed from the diet.Even today, precisely what is its purpose in human body remains a mystery. OXIS, a Nutraceutical and Cosmecuetical products developer has come up with the thoery that natural ingredients are really healthy.Well! Ofcourse they are, who could say no to this?. But finding the natural ingredients is the crucial part for developing such sensitive medicinal products. In the order of these natural ingredient L-Ergothioneine is the key component for their first product.
ERGO (Which is the name called for  L-Ergothioneine) is a very powerful, multifaceted antioxidant like Glutathione (GSH) where an antioxidant is basically something which fights against illness and free radicals. And they are the only concern who has patented the synthesis process for L-Ergothioneine.

Moving on to their list of  consumer products, I am able to see some of the basic and common health concerns including aging and age-related disorders are addressed with suitable medicines.  Apart from this scenarios like Brain health, Anti aging, Immunity against diseases, Inflammation etc.where also effectively dealt and cured by their medicines.

Save World: Get this new designed world for your home.

Finding a piece of land with all the basic amenities that includes food, water, shelter in place has become a dream. But if we are thinking that can it would be possible to make the change from now?. Well!Yes it's possible, because all the time is not gone.We are not in the brink of a great crisis but I would say that we are in the testing process of finishing a integrated product called great crisis which can be due to water,space or petrol ofcourse.
What can u do when there is no water to drink?. Have you ever asked such a question to yourself. Myself,I am really scared even to think about it. No water to drink,Impossible!. Anyways we can't just bring water from moon(Since there are some recent claims about water presence in Moon). Also we can't afford to move our home to Moon( Just for the sake of available possibility).So I am going to suggest you a very simple solution for this issue.Straightly, Save Water!. Never let yourself or some one you see to waste water. Confirm that this solution is also done for other factors of the crisis. Though we may fail in our testing phase of our product (Crisis, but I fear we can't). This can give few more hours to live here. Its all within each of us to make the change and lets make it happen.

How eco-friendly you are? depends on how you reuse the non-renewable resources?

In the wake of new millennium, people started to think foresighted. It was not a matter at all to waste the drinking water for gardening, washing, toiletries and many more,other than the sole purpose of drinking. This was the state of mind of people where suddenly like a storm nothing can be changed. But slowly but steadily by the indigenous efforts of lot of researchers across globe the need for saving water and other kind of resources which are in grave threat of extinction like some species.

Recycling and reusing is the two main factors that is to be mugged by each individual in this planet. There have been major breakthroughs in this field which is performed by both government and private sectors. One such organization which is constantly providing the services like pasteurizing, immobilizing and converting waste water sludge and other type of bio-organic wastes into bio-mineral agricultural and soil-enrichment products.

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