Wish now and Win now

A moment of happiness and rejoice strikes the heart when some one asks about your wish. Especially during the Christmas Eve, if a Santa with that long white beard and that gorgeous wardrobe. It is been made true by the CEIVA, Digital photo frames designer and manufacturer. They have announced a contest named Got a Wish Sweeepstakes which made me share this piece of information to everyone after I tried on my own. Santa along with three of his dwarf servants show up on an interactive video, and asked to upload my photograph along with my name and a wish in three words. The Santa waits for the input by reading a magazine. Then he had that uploaded photo next to him in a frame which was sleek and perfectly folded (deserve to be used by Santa) with a polished design. Also my wish was entered in a wish book along with many such wishes.
Altogether this gives the feel of the festive season. The photo seems to find a suitable frame finally. To say about the contest for each day one winner will be selected at random until the Christmas Eve, where each winner will be awarded a prize amount of 500$. A cool contest to enjoy this season and it’s really foolish to even think of avoiding such an opportunity, isn’t it?

Get the comfortable desktop.

The comfort while in a work area or at home matters a lot. The prolonged usage of a desktop depends on the comfort ability of the seating arrangement. There are a number of solutions (as usual because every thing is being produced by at least two competitors with glorious design).It is always better to go for one such option of changing your desktop table with an ready made computer desk, which will be having additional stands for speakers surround to rest hands or wrists while using mouse and facilities to change the positions of the keyboard or mouse