Iphone Where it miss/What it lack.

Finally Iphone was officially released in India, but lot of expectations found towards this product has now motivated to look into some other places were this wonderful product lags behind its competitors say N96.

No Forwarding
No Send to many

No video recording

All these above mentioned were not inferred my me though as I yet to buy one.Commonly this absense been spoken by others as everyone here especially in India use messaging service a lot.
Above all I love to have one and I will..

Wacom Cintiq

A digital drawing board, stylish and elegant, with 1.3-inch touchscreen LCD and a resolution of 1600 x 1200. You can draw right on the screen with pressure level upto 1240.The pen as got three standard nibs,
1) felt nib and
2)stroke nib

Touch strips help to easily scroll and zoom like mouse scroll. It comes with eight customizable buttons and two layered screen,

One for glare and the other to give a paper like texture.

It is also possible to place rulers, and other measurement tools on the screen itself like a drawing board. It is for those thriving artists out there who could spare 2400$.

Macbook Air.

Apple's yet another lea(f)p. The 'Macbook Air', a laptop thinner than even a long sized notebook,with only 1.93 to 0.4 cm thick. The total weight is around 1.36 kg.

Configuration wise its loaded with Core 2 Duo processor,80 GB hard drive, a 13.3 inch screen and a 2 GB RAM.It also embeds all other kind of features that is found in all other kind of laptops, so its not being reduced in size by reducing its features.

Price: Rs 93,000 to Rs 1,55,000.

Diet pills for dieting and health.

Apart from survival, diet plays an important role in maintaining good health. Less food consumption leads to deficiency diseases, while too much of it results in obesity.

Lot of problems due to over or improper intake of food is being reported.As a cure, the diet pills, gives the control in our hands, with technology intruding in every aspect of our life, diet pills are the comfortable replacement for our dieting needs. It makes way to taste our favorite dish and also drives away the problems, such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Finally, diet pill is a valuable solution for every one who suffer a lot due to abnormal bodyweight and its effect.


It can be defined as the technique of studying the physical characteristics of humans to establish identity.

The increased need for security, and it is also convenient to simply place finger on to a scanner instead of remembering a complex password.

The concept is simple. Pre-stored database is used to compare your finger impression with a record already in database. When a match is found, access is granted. A fingerprint is like waves with ridges and valleys, they are scanned to verify the authenticity.

An optical (CCD) scanner similar to the ones used in digital cameras is used for scanning. It is an array of light sensitive diodes .When they come in contact with light, they generate an electrical signal.An ADC system that converts electrical signal into digital. The scanner will also have a light source to illuminate the finger.

But before checking with the database, it checks for contrast, sharpness and sheer quality of the image captured. If the image quality seems correct enough, the scanner compares the captured fingerprint with those in the database to find any match.

Scanning and matching the entire finger surely consumes a lot of processing. Instead, the scanners could compare specific features of the fingerprint, called as minutiae. They are points where ridge lines end or bifurcation occurs.

A specific number of minutiae is matched for the print to be accepted. But it is being proved that it is possible to fool by using fake prints.

Archos 700

Really its done again! AV700 Digital Video Recorder(portable cinema) is in market now.

With a 7-inch display and 16:9 aspect ratio, nearly half the size of desktop monitors, also a gigantic 100 GB of space.

It plays in DivX and MP4 formats, and lets you record directly from TV. With an USB port it can be easily connected to PC and any digicam with USB cable. Thus it is possible to transfer photos from a digicam directly to this mighty.

For photos formats supported are JPEG and BMP. Additionally Auto Syncs with WMP 10, and it is possible to download and install Mophun games for a great gaming experience.

Sony's Qrio

Its bot Qrio, sony's humanoid pet to say shortly.Been developed as a competitor to asimo and aibo. Apart from walking with stable steps,it can dance, kick a football, and adapt to irregular terrain. Can also understand human sentences and respond by voice or body gestures.

It is able to recognize individuals by memorizing and using specific data to identify each one of them. With the capability to locate the direction of sound.

Also it could sense its environment by three dimensions. The walking by obstacles is avoided.

With a male look it will be fine to call "He is QRIO" rather than "It is QRIO".

Let's wait to see when this 7 Kg of little entertainer hits the market.

High end motherboards...

What does make a mother board to be called as high end?
Lets see..

1. Dual-core support

2. Fastest memory

3. Increased SATA ports

4. supporting two graphics card

5. Overclocking support

6. Fire wire...

Dual-core processors as the latest to be in latest would do. The memory support should be dual-channel. Currently, DDR memory at 400 MHz and DDR2 at 888 MHz were available.

Unlike the usual four SATA ports try to get more no of SATA as possible,as one port can connect only one device. The SATA II with a data transfer rate of upto 300 MBps is to be compatible, such Mb's also support older SATA versions.

In mere future single graphics card that you currently have may not be sufficient in order to fulfill your quest you should try putting another one, so a Mb that support SLI is preferrable.
FireWire, a port used to connect digi cams with the Mb.

Advanced overclocking is much sought by gamers, who like to get all that their system have. Other than this few networking needs like Wi Fi, dual gigabit and bluetooth services should also be included.

GPS - Getting Poised or Suspended

Lot of complaints, either as funny commercials or as serious discussions seem to cripple around about the GPS usage in automobiles world wide.

A driver recommends his car's GPS to guide with an alternate route to his home,with an thought of avoiding the long traffic in the usual route.The GPS accepted his request and came out with an new route,which the driver started obeying thinking,he will be in home a lot earlier than usual.But after half an hour travel through sloppy roads of hills,he found himself at the top of a cliff!!

Similarly many real incidents were been reported, some are really funny to hear like driving into a hotel or lake as going by GPS guidance.

These things explains us with the flaws that needs to be taken care immediately in order to use the technology with ease and atmost comfort, as far as concerned every one needs 100% defectless product or services from their vendors.

Also it opens the eyes for all of us about an area which needs development in major scale in order to cater the future development needs.

Panasonic SDR-H20

The SDR-H20, slight curvy model, little wide, fits perfectly in the hand, classy look. The menu button is located near the record button.


Normal hand shake.

A button called “Power LCD Plus” allows to set the brightness of the LCD viewfinder. Massive 30 GB space enables huge storage and cuts the time being spent on video transfer to PC.

The zoom works very well with the optical IS system.Really impressive image quality provided by SDR-H20 for both indoors and outdoors.

The minor jitter that occurs at the end of the zoom is absent.


The battery part seems bulky at the back.

For a price of Rs 30k, this is an excellent product.