Speakers Uncovered

Speakers, are devices technically called transducers, which transform one form of energy into another. i.e Speaker are devices that converts electrical energy into sound energy(acoustic).

Basically in a speaker, a paper diaphragm vibrates in accordance with the electrical signal fed into it. Flashing some light on its components shows a powerful ring magnet, a voice coil that is wound around a paper cylinder.

Moving to its functionality, the principle behind is electromagnetism. The interaction between the electromagnetic coil and permanent magnet drives the speaker to produce sound.

Diaphragm,sound source for a speaker. The voice coil is attached to the centre of the paper diaphragm at one side, which compresses and rarefies the particles around, thus producing sound.

Other than this sound enclosures play a vital role in audio experience. The air flow through the enclosure affects the bass sounds through undesirable harmonics. Its dimensions have an effect on the wave resonance.

Deep into the technicals, considering an amplifier.It has two signals the input and the output signal. Naturally for high gain, input impedance(resistance) should be as high as possible and output impedance should be as low as possible.

Finally, speaking about multiple speakers, positioning the speakers is very important.Because reflections cause the sound to be heard across all areas of a room or hall.Consider as if fitting light for your room or hall while for speakers as both are waves,this would produce great results as well.

Kingston Data Traveler 4GB

The Kingston DataTraveler 100 4GB is a sleek and beautifully crafted USB drive in a black polymer casing. This one has a retractable USB port which slides out using a thumb button at the side.

Features Loaded

It is compatible with almost all operating systems such as Windows Vista / XP / 2000, Mac OS and Linux.

A solid 5 year warranty makes it a very attractive option.

The amount of time taken to transfer the data is within acceptable limits.


It lacks in encryption, security and backup software.

The drive seems slow relatively,it takes around 3 minutes to transfer a 700 MB file.

Finally it is a best choice for those who like to own a huge data transfer capable flash drive, at a reasonable price of Rs 750.

Can your dog make you understand by that bow wow....

Yes.. Software development as contained itself into the attempt of bridging the translation gap not only among various languages among humans world wide,But also between homo sapiens and Canis lupus familiaris, Wondering about the name? Well it is the Generic name for dogs.

Scientists at ELTE University have designed a software that identifies the meaning for every kind of sound made by dogs,It's not in the verge of perfect finish.Still this software could understand the cause of barks, yaps, howls and growls more accurately than human ears could do.

What may be the use of such an dog-deciphering software? May be it could buildup the centuries of relationship between human and dogs strong and versatile, also this could bring the picture of involving more such experiments in mere future extending to other animals that comrade with us in this planet.

Blind catalogue for mobile phone features.

Brand ----------------- Model(s)----------------- Range---------- Feature-My rating

Sony Ericsson---------W200i,W610i,W810i------ <10k>15k--------------- Music-5*

-----------------------K550i,K750i------------------------------------ cybershot-4

-----------------------K810i,K790i---------------- 15&11k------------ camera(3.2 Mp)-5

-----------------------K850i ------------------------------------------ camera-5*

Nokia -----------------N73,Xpress Music ----------10-15k------------Music-4.5
-----------------------5160 and 5130 ---------------------------------camera-5

------------------------N95------------------------ >15k-------------- Music-5*

------------------------N70 ------------------------------------------- camera-4

Apple ------------------Iphone---------------------->15k -------------Music-5

Black berry Pearl 8120 Vs IPhone

For Bussiness applications its really not needs to say about Blackberry configuration as it is been molded fully for that purpose while Iphone has features covering entertainment at all scales widely.

In Pearl 8120 the 2.2-inch display may be less sufficient, but still bright enough to get your work done, Here in Iphone, the 3.5-inch display fits the entire length of the phone with sharp, crystal clear and excellent colour reproduction.

The 8120v is with a pseudo-QWERTY keypad ”two letters per key” but Iphone needs one.

Pearl 8120 easily handle mostly used files types like DOC, LS, PDF, etc while apple concentrated the way music is being delivered.

In Iphone Playing around menus is fun just it needs to filch your finger up or down to scroll any list and swipe it left or right to move left or right.One button for exiting all applications,sounds great whereas in Blackberry a roller ball at the center is for all navigation between menus,Quite charming.

Video playback and Image management is fully accomplished in a very elegant manner for Iphone while pearl doesn’t wear much ammunition in this area though.

Moving to internet browsing Iphone renders zooming pages and switching between layouts, while Bb uses WIFI for GPRS and internet browsing in its own way.

To conclude, Iphone is the best phone viewed and Pearl 8120 is an excellent business device with just one shortcoming that is with high speed internet.

Lenovo Y410

It’s another slot of Y series from Lenovo home entertainment series, The Y410, a notebook overall. The outer body has a quality finish, and 14.1-inch display unit creates power feel.

The display is clear with 1280*800 resolution and fair contrast ratio. Next the keypad seems glossy, but is also spongy.Coming to shortcut keys, well-laid-out, and no issues will arise using them Eg. volume adjustment, mute etc.

An array of multimedia keys, for users to listen to music without logging in to OS is a good implementation as well.

This model is available in various configurations with a Intel Core 2 Duo T7100 and a NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS with 128 MB of vRAM.

With an overall price of Rs 38,500, it does stand with values, loads of preinstalled software and Windows Vista Home Premium. Finally a multimedia notebook, to use in college or office, and this would convince your needs while fitting your wallet.

File systems

Files are nothing but a sequence of bytes on memory blocks called sectors. There are some file systems which have journaling and versioning.

The properties for Journaling file system is taking log for changes made to files and for versioning file systemis taking periodic backup also allowing several versions of same file.File systems based on Operating Systems can be organized as follows:

New Technology File System (NTFS),
File Allocation Table (FAT).

ext, ext2, ext2fs, NSS, ReiserFS

Mac OS X:
Hierarchical filesystem (HFS),
Macintosh filesystem (MFS),
Xsan Disk-based filesystems ,(Solid-state media file systems)


Now it’s about a four cartridge ink jet MFD which is more economical with the cartridge slot placed at the front right.

Features notable: -

1. 15 cm tall

2. Power connector in left, making it easy to place against a wall.

3. No power button, only softpower switch.

4. The input tray holds 100 sheets while the output tray holds 50.

5. Print quality decent.

6. Interface- USB 2.0.

What‘s lacking?

The borders were not always crisp. Colours in the photo print were a little washed out. Normal text printing is slow: 27 seconds for a page. Printing an A4-size photo takes around 270 seconds —quite average.

Check this out:

The scanner recognises colours accurately, and picked up minute details.Fine print was legible even at the smallest point size. Combination documents print relatively faster at 33 seconds for a page.

It scans really fast.Additionally the MFD comes with ScanSoft PaperPort. ControlCentre 3 is a control panel that puts all the functions of this MFD at your disposal in a single place.

ASUS Maximus Formula

This is yet another new brand based on Intel’s new X38 chipset. A limited edition, and features hand-picked components for extreme overclockability. Incidentally, the PCI-E slots support the new PCI-E 2.0 standard too.

ASUS also adds a heat-pipe solution that integrates a water block on the Northbridge chipset for proper cooling.

The entire motherboard has a very intricate heat-pipe system that remains cool no matter about the wworking hours. It also embeds an inbuilt sensor that will warn you if temperature exceed threshold.

ASUS also have incorporated a special 2-phasememory voltage termination for voltage regulation even at overclocking.

The BIOS is full of overclocking options and tweaks and more than sufficient number of SATA, and USB ports. Looking at the price Rs 16,800 seems high, but it’s plenty of board for that much. ASUS includes a rich bundle too. Highly recommended for those looking at a high-end, stable platform in general .

Flash Memory

Flash memory is nothing but the most popularly called USB drive. At the most basic level, flash memory is composed of array of gate transistors called cells.

These cells has two types of gates: NAND and NOR . They are also classified in two ways depending on how they store data, they are single level cells and multi level cells

SLC can store only one bit at a time, while MLC store more than one bit per cell,just by varying the electrical charges. Thus MLC devices will be able to store more data than the SLC devices.

These devices are already in the market, though they cost more than SLC ones.

Multi-level cells are created by stacking cells of the same size, i.e doubling the capacity. This is the type of memory used in iPods. Though, it doubles the capacity, access speeds is reduced.

Now at present flash technology has developed which inserts silicon columns between layers without stacking multiple layers.