Web getting updated.

For the cause of being able to adapted to the new technology that evolve each day,Every software is being updated, while every hardware is being upgraded.

The same now goes to internet, Web 2.0 in the verge of updating our current internet.It aims in providing the end user with what he actually needs?

This system will be able to direct the user to appropriate website by optimized search using user feedback(input). So there wont be a need to open several search result pages.

This is not the only thing as to highlight, there is a whole lot of features to add, I hope presenting them in another post very soon, after I get a detail knowledge about them.

Watch with MP3 and flash memory.

A multi-purpose watch to say with MP3 player, voice recorder and inbuilt memory of 512 MB size.

MP3 playback is excellent with the earphones supporting a lot. Four equalizer settings. The ear phones seem large and its unique, so it wont be possible to replace it with your favorite one.

Separate batteries for MP3 player and watch. Easy to connect to PC by the USB port.

The voice recorder has an inbuilt microphone. The %!@ MB can be used like a thumb drive.

Though the playback lasts for 5 hours, Rs 4,125 is high as there is no FM Radio or video.