Google has announced the launch of a new project called Knol, which aims to be a repository of the world’s information. Each topic or page on the Knol is called “a knol” .

This borrows from Squidoo which is another management site. Google won’t act the editor in any way, and there will be nothing like an official knol for each topic. It aims only to provide the tools and the server space.

Knol, currently in beta version is open to users by invitation only. Google will also host ads on each knol.

The point to note is that authors will get a significant share of the revenues .There is a danger that driven by ad revenues, there might be a proliferation of knols on commercial topics like microprocessor architecture , fashion design,etc.

There is also another argument, that because editing rights are locked, knol might contain some biased viewpoints, or that they might contain outdated information. But still there are certain arguments in favour of this new model. Since authors will no longer be anonymous, they might keep their knols objective and updated. But then again, knols can be searched by search engines, and there are fears that Google may screwup its algorithms so knols feature at the top of search results.

Play any game disc in Xbox or PS2.

It is a long time dream for many of us that"Is it become possible to play my favorite game in XBOX or PlayStation".Now I could assure, this is possible, with a small chip called mark chip I am now able to play any game in my new XBOX irrespective of the disc type and without any compatibility issues.This simple upgrade enhances my gaming experience and at the same time I now got the freedom of choosing from a lot of collections out in the market.I not sure that it also works for PS as I don't have one.But still my friend who uses PS2 accepts that it works very well for PS also.

LG KU990

Every company has released or atleast working on a touch screen operated phone and KU990 is such a 3-inch, touch screen phone from LG. It doesn’t own many buttons on the phone, may be because of its touch screen functionality.

There is a dial on the back of the phone which can be used to scroll through items and change the volumes. Still it is inconvenient to use because scrolling through menus is difficult.

Scrolling using the touch-screen is little difficult as well because one with shaky hands will accidently launch an application off or on.

There is a keyboard on the touch-screen, and it works really well with both your fingers and stylus.

It has a 5 MegaPixel camera with flash, and a standard VGA camera for videoconferencing calls. A 100 MB internal memory seems small, but can support extendable memory using Micro SD card slot.

Great look, fun UI and easy to use make this a good phone. Still touchscreen should have been better, and the jog dial is just bad. With a price of Rs 21,900, just a good style.


I'm sure that you would like a cell phone that tells you what you can do with idle time? and if you are walking around a new place?

Currently PARC is working on a program called Magitti, it uses what it knows about you to recommend activities that you can enjoy in your vicinity.

It gives a list of things to do in the area. In the first attempt , this list won’t be more personalized to your likes,but it’ll be able to tell which recommendations are more likely abide your interest in further usage.

Consider, if you’re a traveling buff, you will find historical landmarks at the top of your list. Also it edits its recommendations based on the time and day,as you wont like to go swiss during deep winter.

Magitti uses GPS facility to grasp the choices you make, and to find more about your destination using an online database. Entirely speaking a virtual responder, guide, and database useful for the whole in general.

Digital Camera

So how each snap that you click turns out into a good quality digital image and got stored in the memory card of your digital camera?

Firstly, the outer light get passed through the lens and directed to the CCD(charge coupled device).

Then, the image is been focused on the CCD.

After which, an ADC (analogue-to-digital converter) converts the CCD grabbed image into digital signals.

This data was sent to the DSP(Digital Signal Processor) which creates the original image and also compresses it.

Finally, the image is stored on the inbuilt memory or in the memory stick.

Bots at present.....


Its a robot that communicates with humans socially, understands human feelings and react properly.It learns like an infant and shows feelings.

Like a infant it needs a environment for learning, if it is under stimulated it feels bored,and when over stimulated it shows fear.


It's a project being developed to get a bot with a three-year old infant IQ . Interestingly its torso was learning since 1993. Now its in a crawling-infant stage.

Another thing to note is, unlike other bots it makes eye contact with humans while others can't even differentiate between humans and objects.


First ‘robo sapiens’ as to rightly say . A 1.2 m tall astronaut like bot developed by honda.

It can climb stairs, look out for corners and even turns the light on/off. But was blind, deaf and dumb , it can only be remotely configured.


A pet bot,with a Memory Stick that dictates its behaviour. it can also controlled by PC or mobile device. It identifies its owner and can recharge itself.

Shortly, an entertainer in nature developed by sony electronics.

Hi speed Optical Networks

3D-Photonic Crystal Add-drop Filter, yet another new slot added to technology. It is developed by a team led by Rana Biswas, which enhances transmission through multiple channels along optical fibres.

This can be rightly said as a milestone in the development of optical networking and communication to eliminate various hinders involved in optical transmission links, resulting in flawless data transmission for the Internet and other fibre-based telecommunication systems.As sai d by Biswas,

“There are up to 160 wavelength channels travelling through an optical fibre at the same time. That means a lot of dialogue is going on simultaneously”.

Biswas, also explained that as information is transfered over multiple channels, it is necessary to periodically drop individual wavelength channels. At the same time, able to add data streams into the empty wavelength channels.

It is also said that when data is transferred along multiple channels it becomes necessary to receive only one signal at a point.

Apple iPod 8GB

As I’ve used the iPod Touch, and all of us must say it’s exceptionally well .Atleast after you got the chance of working around with this little piece of certainity.

It incorporates a whole lot features in it

Firstly, excellent sound, with something technically said as tonal neutrality. Good bass response sounds equally well in Metal as well as with Jazz and Blues.

Secondlly photo viewer, browsing through the photos is as simple as flipping through an album. To prove its real touch sense, there’s a single button whose sole aim is to return to the main menu, regardless where you are.

Thirdly is very good video player, which satisfy even movie junkies with its large and clear screen.

Fourthly is the integrated WiFi which ensures stability in case of no connectivity with entire storage space as a Flash drive.

As far as now discussing about only its ads, there are no negative from me to say for such a piece of 17000 rupees, rare lifestyle products, like a Nokia N95 8GB, or even a BMW M3 that really deserves your hard earned cash.

HP nx9005.

A processor to compare with AMD mobile processor. With activating and deactivating button in the key board and touch pad.
The dimensions are same as the nx9000. Looking into the configuration, AMD Athlon M 2200+ processor, 256 MB RAM, 20 GB hard disk, CD-ROM drive and with a 14-inch display.

No signs of heating up while providing power for around 3 hours though using AMD processor.

Moving to the cons, the hard disk system, showing high access time and low scores. Secondly, price, at Rs 70,000, seems an expensive choice with such a configuration.