OXIS, for an healthy life!

It is natural if you are not aware of the fact that Ergothioneine cannot be made in human cells. It is present in some tissues at high levels as it is absorbed from the diet.Even today, precisely what is its purpose in human body remains a mystery. OXIS, a Nutraceutical and Cosmecuetical products developer has come up with the thoery that natural ingredients are really healthy.Well! Ofcourse they are, who could say no to this?. But finding the natural ingredients is the crucial part for developing such sensitive medicinal products. In the order of these natural ingredient L-Ergothioneine is the key component for their first product.
ERGO (Which is the name called for  L-Ergothioneine) is a very powerful, multifaceted antioxidant like Glutathione (GSH) where an antioxidant is basically something which fights against illness and free radicals. And they are the only concern who has patented the synthesis process for L-Ergothioneine.

Moving on to their list of  consumer products, I am able to see some of the basic and common health concerns including aging and age-related disorders are addressed with suitable medicines.  Apart from this scenarios like Brain health, Anti aging, Immunity against diseases, Inflammation etc.where also effectively dealt and cured by their medicines.